Our Company

Young and enthusiastic team to fulfill any software project. You dream about and we bring it to life!


Our Mission

For the future is to become a truly global and fully integrated service provider for IT related needs.

We Offer

Exceptional technical aptitudes along with strong interpersonal and team working skills.

We Deliver

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

We Work for Your Profit

Our company culture promotes quality of output, responsibility, hard work, technical excellence, customer service and last but not least a genuine desire for doing the best we can to satisfy the customer.


We offer outsourcing solutions bringing the highest level of quality to each and all projects the company is involved in. And that because of the exceptional quality of our staff.

Due to our location in the heart of Transylvania, close to the computer science Universities, we managed to employ some of the best developers and project managers in Romania.

We are looking to hire only persons with truly exceptional technical aptitude. Our recruitment process is rigorous enabling us to choose only the most capable applicants ensuring a high level of productivity and quality.

The company culture relentlessly promotes excellence!

CKCSOFTWARE has an ongoing training program allowing our staff gaining software developing techniques.

We “walk the talk”, do what we promise to do, and much more. We provide great continuity of service and exceptional quality.

We offer you the best of the best Romania’s developers, exceptional technical aptitudes along with strong interpersonal and team working skills.

Why Choose Us


We adapt to your needs


We keep you regularly updated and fully informed


We put emphasis on quality


Lower costs


Gain access to world-class capabilities


Internal efficiency

Agile Development

CKCSOFTWARE company is working on daily basis within Agile methodologies boundaries, where possible.

We encourage our customers to use Agile methodologies due to its dynamic path based on short development cycles named “sprint” and because of dynamic ability to quickly adapt to needed changes or course corrections.

The software is built by people, process and tools, in about that order.

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Telephone : +40725939265

CKC Software

Str. Iasomiei 22, Cluj-Napoca, 400271, Romania